AIGAS Intensive Outpatient Programs: Tailored Mental Health Support for All Ages

Discover specialized Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) at AIGAS, designed to provide comprehensive mental health services for children, teens, young adults, and grown-ups. From our Early Childhood Program for ages 5-10 to targeted Mood & Anxiety Programs, School Refusal Programs, and specialized services for Child OCD & Complex Anxiety, our onsite programs cater to diverse age groups, ensuring personalized care and support for every individual’s unique needs. Explore a path to mental wellness with AIGAS.

Teen Emotional Resilience Program: Ages 13-18

Program Overview

AIGAS offers specialized programs for adolescents dealing with Mood and anxiety issues. Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs are designed to provide comprehensive and short-term treatment for those whose symptoms significantly impact their daily lives.

In the IOP program, adolescents not only receive treatment but also continue their studies with the support of AIGAS teachers and education specialists. It’s a dual approach that helps them acquire essential coping skills while maintaining their academic progress. For those enrolled in the IOP, the program allows adolescents to attend their regular school during the day and participate in our treatment sessions in the evening. This flexibility ensures that they can receive the care they need without disrupting their educational routine.

As part of our commitment to individualized care, we incorporate family therapy into the treatment plan. Adolescents engage in therapeutic sessions with one or more family members, fostering a supportive environment for symptom management and achieving overall treatment goals.

What to Expect

At AIGAS, our diverse team collaborates to create personalized treatment plans for every individual. Here’s what our comprehensive approach includes:

  •  Thorough mental health assessment
  • Frequent consultations with a dedicated psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Daily structured group therapy sessions
  • Regular one-on-one therapy sessions with an assigned individual therapist
  • Consistent family therapy sessions led by a dedicated family therapist
  • Engaging experiential therapies promoting creative expression, such as art therapy, movement therapy, yoga, or mindfulness
  •  Continuous assessments and adjustments to the treatment plan
  • Access to resource therapists offering executive functioning and vocational support

Our tailored treatment plans are crafted to meet the unique needs of each person and evolve as treatment progresses. Participants collaborate with therapists specializing in Mood and anxiety. The group therapy setting fosters connections normalizes experiences, and encourages group accountability. This personalized approach to treatment empowers individuals to move towards a more meaningful and functional life.

Treatment Options

We use a variety of methods to support mental health. Here’s a rundown:

  • Understanding and Medication:
    We start with a thorough evaluation and manage medications.
  • Talk Therapy:
    We’ve got a couple of these—CBT and DBT. They help you understand and change thoughts and behaviors.
  • Mind and Body Harmony:
    Ever heard of ACT, Relaxation therapy, and yoga? They’re like mental gymnastics, but way more chill.
  • Team Support:
    We’ve got your back on the day-to-day tasks with executive functioning support.
  • Art, Dance, and Yoga:
    Get ready to express yourself! We’ve got therapies that involve art, dance, and yoga. Because sometimes words aren’t enough.
  • Together is Better:
    We offer individual and group therapy, plus family sessions. The more, the merrier, right?
  • Furry Friends:
    Pets bring joy, so we’ve got pet therapy too.

And the best part? Parents can stay in the loop through our secure online portal. Easy check-ins with the whole treatment team!

Fresh Start Outpatient Program

Explore AIGAS’s Mood & Anxiety Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs tailored to provide focused and comprehensive treatment for adolescents facing significant challenges with Mood and anxiety symptoms that affect their daily lives. In the IOP program, adolescents not only receive therapeutic support but also acquire essential coping skills while maintaining their studies. AIGAS teachers and education specialists guide them through this journey. For those in the IOP, the program seamlessly integrates with their daytime school schedule, allowing them to attend sessions in the evening.

As part of AIGAS’s commitment to personalized care, adolescents engage in family therapy, involving one or more family members. This collaborative approach enhances symptom management and contributes to achieving overall treatment goals.


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