START RIGHT Therapeutic Program: Nurturing Confidence in Early Education

Embark on a journey where every child’s unique potential is not just acknowledged but celebrated. The START RIGHT Therapeutic Program, tailored for ages 2-6, goes beyond traditional approaches to instill confidence in the early stages of education.

Start Right Therapeutic Program

Program Overview

At START RIGHT, we understand that a child’s success in a school-like social environment is greatly influenced by foundational skills. When children lack these essential skills, it can pose hurdles to their educational journey. That’s where START RIGHT steps in, leveraging the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

Key Focus Areas

Our program focuses on nurturing key skills crucial for success in a school setting. These include:

  • Receptive Language Skills:
    Helping children understand and respond to verbal cues.
  • Simple Expressive Communication:
    Encouraging the development of basic communication skills.
  • Social Interaction:
    Fostering the ability to engage positively with peers.
  • Imitation Skills:
    Cultivating the capacity to mimic and learn from others.
  • Increased Attention Span:
    Enhancing the duration of a child’s focused attention.
  • Group Directions:
    Teaching the importance of following instructions in a group setting.
  • Appropriate Group Behavior:
    Guiding children on sitting appropriately, taking turns, and raising hands.
  • Independent Work:
    Building the foundation for working independently.
  • Smooth Transitions:
    Assisting in the seamless movement between different activities.
  • Line Etiquette:
    Teaching children to get in line upon request.
  • Material Organization:
    Instilling the habit of putting away materials responsibly.

Through a tailored approach, START RIGHT aims to equip children with the skills needed not only for academic success but also for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience. Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s START RIGHT together!

The Benefits of START RIGHT

Early intervention is a game-changer when it comes to addressing language, social, and adaptive skill delays associated with autism. The research is clear, and at START RIGHT, we’ve tailored a therapeutic preschool program with a focus on setting your child up for success. Let’s dive into the key advantages:

  • Low-risk Classroom Simulations:
    We engage children in low-risk activities that mimic the demands of a traditional classroom setting.
  • Social Skill Development:
    Access to activities designed to enhance social skills before stepping into the school environment.
  • Personalized Treatment:
    Each child receives an individualized treatment schedule, addressing their unique needs.
  • High-Frequency Learning:
    We offer a high frequency of learning opportunities every day to accelerate progress.
  • Smooth School Transition:
    Increased likelihood of a seamless transition to school life.

Our overarching goal is to nurture basic communication skills early on, laying the foundation for effective socialization. By practicing these skills in a secure environment, children not only learn to collaborate with peers but also become adept at handling the challenges of a classroom.

  • Therapeutic Programs Setting:
    At every START RIGHT location, therapeutic programs are conducted in specially designed settings. These include classroom-like spaces with circle time areas, tables, and learner stations, private rooms for personalized therapies, and sensory gyms for group exercises. Our clinics are crafted with children in mind, featuring fun therapy equipment, vibrant colors, and age-appropriate toys and games.
  • Graduation from START RIGHT:
    Upon meeting all the START RIGHT goals, children are ready for the next level. With progress measured and communicated through frequent check-ins, parents and therapists are on the same page regarding graduation. We believe in a smooth transition, paving the way for advanced programming.
  • UPLIFT Program:
    For children not yet of school age, the UPLIFT program awaits. Geared towards older children with advanced skills, this program focuses on higher-level skills with a different curriculum. As children master their START RIGHT goals, the UPLIFT program gradually takes center stage. Parents can make an informed decision about transitioning to UPLIFT by discussing options with our therapists ahead of their child’s START RIGHT graduation.

At START RIGHT, we’re not just a program; we’re a journey towards unlocking your child’s potential.

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