AIGAS Community Care: Tailored Mental Health Support for Every Need

AIGAS is committed to empowering diverse communities through comprehensive mental health services. From universities and nursing homes to women’s shelters and veteran support, our round-the-clock therapy programs are designed to address the unique needs of each group. Join us in fostering well-being and resilience in your community—get started with AIGAS today.

Universities & Colleges

Support your students in achieving academic and personal success with AIGAS’ round-the-clock therapy programs, delivering caring assistance designed to address each student’s specific needs.

Nursing Homes

Offer your residents and staff personalized support and care around the clock, prioritizing their unique needs and well-being, all in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Women’s Shelters

Provide a secure and caring environment for women to recover and rejuvenate their lives with AIGAS’s round-the-clock therapeutic programs, tailored to cater to the unique needs of those in your care.

Veterans Shelters

Show your appreciation and stand by our country’s veterans. With AIGAS, they can access therapy services around the clock, wherever they are, ensuring they get the support they require, precisely when it matters.


Enhance your employees’ wellness and success by investing in tailored therapy through AIGAS, available around the clock. Our program is designed to alleviate stress, boost productivity, and promote mental well-being and happiness.

Daycare Facilities

Daycare centers that provide mental and behavioral health services play a vital role in nurturing the well-being and development of children. Our dedicated daycare providers and staff are invaluable contributors to children’s mental health.

Retirement Communities

Improve the well-being of your senior residents by making mental health a priority in senior residential homes. AIGAS is here to ensure seniors enjoy happier, healthier lives in their golden years, 24/7.

Non-profit Organizations

By placing a strong emphasis on mental health within nonprofits, we can foster a sustainable and caring atmosphere for those dedicated to making a positive impact on our world.

Cities & Communities

Collaborate with AIGAS around the clock to build a stronger, more resilient, and happier community. Our tailored therapy programs are crafted to cater to the specific requirements of your city or town.

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Corporate Benefits

Effective Communication Options
AIGAS, offers a range of communication methods, including video chats, messaging, and phone calls, ensuring convenient and flexible access.

Streamlined Implementation
Our state-of-the-art platform simplifies the implementation process, allowing users to get started quickly and easily.

Extensive Therapist Network
Our extensive network of providers enables us to match patients with therapists based on their preferences and needs, ensuring they receive the personalized assistance they desire and deserve.

Interactive Group Counseling Sessions
Participate in one or more of our interactive group session webinars each week, focusing on specific topics. These sessions are led by expert therapists who specialize in the subject matter.