Feeding Therapy

Support for picky eaters, kids with eating problems, or those with medical feeding challenges

About Feeding Therapy Services

At AIGAS, we have a comprehensive program to assess and treat children facing feeding difficulties. Our approach considers posture, sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, oral motor, medical, and nutritional factors. We involve parents in the therapy process, recognizing that making feeding therapy enjoyable and safe is crucial for children. Our goal? Achieve life-changing results.

Our Expertise

  • Infant Feeding (0-24 months)
  • Infants crying or arching during meals
  • Difficulty transitioning to pureed foods by 10 months
  • Trouble transitioning to solid foods by 12 months
  • Bottle feeding transitions
  • Pre and post-frenectomy care
  • Nasal reflux
  • Aversions to certain foods or textures
  • Picky eaters
  • VitalStim Therapy
  • Respiratory problems due to poor breathing-eating coordination
  • Poor weight gain or weight loss
  • Choking/gagging during mealtimes
  • Excessive vomiting during mealtimes

What to Expect in Feeding Therapy

The journey begins with an evaluation by a clinician. This helps determine the frequency of therapy sessions and the specific areas we’ll focus on.

Our 1-on-1 feeding therapy sessions take place in kid-friendly clinics. The feeding rooms replicate common eating spaces to make the experience more engaging than a typical medical office.

Achieving Outcomes
Our experienced therapists, overseen by respected Directors, work towards life-changing results for every child.

Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Therapy at AIGAS

We provide three types of feeding therapy:

  • Picky Eating
  • Medically-Based
  • Pre and Post Frenectomy Care

Picky Eating therapy, led by specially trained Speech or Occupational therapists, aims to reduce aversions and expand the child’s food repertoire for proper nutrition.

Medically-based therapy focuses on children with feeding conditions, addressing oral intake, aspiration risk, weight gain, food tolerance, motor skills, and age-appropriate feeding milestones.

The Pre and Post-Frenectomy Care program includes evaluation and care/training for releases or revisions of tongue ties, lip ties, and other tethered oral tissues.

If your child eats fewer than 30 different foods, struggles with new or non-preferred foods, or if feeding has become a significant stressor for your family, it’s time to consider feeding therapy.
We work with various insurance companies, including Medicaid and HMO networks, with an ever-expanding network. Check our website for the latest list of accepted insurances.
Our low staff turnover, trust from over 1,000 pediatricians, and positive parent feedback set us apart. Parents consistently rate us highly for satisfaction throughout the therapy process.
Our goal is to graduate kids from therapy by addressing their concerns as quickly as possible. Ongoing communication between the family and therapist ensures progress. When concerns are fully addressed, it’s time to celebrate graduation!
Our $150.00 snack fee every 12 weeks covers the cost of providing all the necessary foods for picky eaters during therapy sessions.
At AIGAS, we generally treat children from birth to 18 years old. Our therapists are trained to work with infants, kids, and teens.