Core – ABA After-School Program: Nurturing Confidence in school-aged children with autism.

Embark on a journey where every child’s unique potential is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Core – ABA After-School Program is our after-school ABA therapy program designed for school-aged children with autism. This program focuses on enhancing age-appropriate social skills and fostering community awareness

Core – ABA After-School Program

CORE, which stands for “For Our Community Understanding and Success,” is our after-school ABA therapy program designed for school-aged children with autism. This program focuses on enhancing age-appropriate social skills and fostering community awareness. It serves as a complement to our daytime ABA therapy programs, START RIGHT and UPLIFT, offering support to children attending traditional classrooms during the day.

CORE – Therapy Schedule

Our CORE program is available year-round as an afterschool option on weeknights in most of our clinics. The sessions run from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm or 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, with group activities taking place from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. If a child receives other therapies after school, our schedule is flexible enough to accommodate their therapy times, allowing them to seamlessly transition between CORE and their specific therapy services.

CORE ABA Therapy Program Goals

Strengthen Age-Appropriate Social Skills

The heart of the CORE ABA therapy program lies in structured small group activities. We aim to prepare children for the social challenges they encounter in their current life stage. As kids enter middle childhood and adolescence, social interactions demand more complex skills. Our program focuses on:

  • Learning to cooperate with peers on a common task
  • Handling competitiveness and losing
  • Developing self-calming strategies for stronger emotions
  • Managing and expressing emotions productively
  • Coping with not getting one’s way
  • Communicating with peers to build relationships

These skills are practiced through engaging activities such as ice breakers, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, competitive games, group calming exercises, and emotion sharing activities. While the activities are designed to be enjoyable, they also provide a structured environment for children to practice essential social skills.

Develop Community Awareness

In addition to social skills, the CORE program emphasizes building community awareness. Participants engage in conversational skills and social exercises within the broader community context. Activities may include interviewing a public service professional or participating in community project day activities. Between group activities, participants learn advanced ABA therapy tactics, including calming strategies to regulate emotional responses, helping them return to baseline behavior and stress levels after stimulating activities.

How Activities Interact With ABA Therapy

In the CORE program, every child is paired 1-on-1 with an ABA therapist, each having individualized therapy programming goals. These goals are seamlessly integrated into the broader CORE therapy program. Daily progress is monitored to ensure that ABA therapy goals are being achieved.

CORE provides a unique opportunity for therapists to practice each child’s goals in a group setting with similarly aged peers. Group and social activities become a medium through which each child’s individualized programming goals are addressed. For example, communication challenges can be worked on within a group setting, offering a different dynamic than individual therapy sessions. The CORE therapy program creates a safe environment that serves as a social backdrop for practicing age-appropriate, real-life social skills.

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