ABA Therapy

ABA therapy leverages the principles of learning to instill socially significant behaviors within a secure clinical setting, proving to be a highly effective approach in fostering the growth and well-being of children with autism.

About ABA Therapy Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a proven method to help children with autism thrive in various aspects of their lives, such as cognitive, behavioral, social, and executive functioning. Both the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association recommend ABA therapy as the gold standard for autism treatment. AIGAS Children’s Therapy specializes in ABA therapy, providing a supportive clinic environment where children can achieve the best outcomes.

Tailored Support for Every Child
Autism manifests differently in each child, impacting various areas of development. To assist parents in gauging their child’s needs, AIGAS offers an Autism Screening Quiz. While not a formal assessment, it can help identify if a behavioral program may be beneficial. For a more comprehensive evaluation, we also offer autism testing, diagnostics, and treatment support, starting as early as age 2.

Individualized Treatment Programs
At AIGAS, our focus is on analyzing needs, setting treatment goals, and acquiring skills that empower children and young adults to lead more independent lives. Our ABA therapy addresses key areas such as language and communication, social interactions, attention and focus, emotional regulation, self-care, safety awareness, and academic readiness.

Our Expertise

Fun & Engaging Interactions: Our therapists prioritize joyful interactions to keep learners happy and engaged. We follow the child’s lead and ensure a free and enjoyable atmosphere.

Positive & Empowering Relationships: Empathy is key. We empower learners with a reassuring message: “I see you, I hear you, and I am here for you.” Our therapy sessions are safe and positive.

Child-Centered Approach: Recognizing that every child is unique, we tailor programs to individual needs, adapting treatment based on the child’s interests. Family input is valued.

Importance of Natural Environment: Learning is best facilitated through play and engaging interactions. Our therapists creatively integrate fun learning opportunities into sessions, using the child’s motivation as a guide.

What to Expect in ABA Therapy

Enjoyable Clinic Settings: Our clinics are designed to make therapy enjoyable, often making it feel like play for the child. In-clinic sessions offer access to more materials, therapists, and socialization opportunities.

Multidisciplinary Approach: AIGAS allows children to receive multiple therapies under one roof, fostering collaboration among therapists from various disciplines.

Focus on Skill Acquisition: Rather than solely eliminating challenging behaviors, we emphasize acquiring new skills to replace them, promoting lasting positive change.

Parent Portal: Stay connected with your child’s progress through our parent portal. View data, communicate with therapists, and stay informed about scheduled appointments.

Additional Therapeutic Programs

In addition to ABA therapy, AIGAS offers three specialized programs:

Ignite: A preschool-like program for ages 2-6. (The link will go to the pertaining program on the website)
Rise: A kindergarten-like ABA program for ages 5-8. (The link will go to the pertaining program on the website)
Focus: Designed for advanced learners aged 9+, focusing on social skills, emotional regulation, and community awareness. (The link will go to the pertaining program on the website)

Why AIGAS is the Best Choice

Parents’ Feedback: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in parents’ surveys, consistently earning high scores throughout therapy services.
No Waitlist Hassles: We use advanced software to predict hiring needs, minimizing waitlists. Flexibility in therapy schedules reduces wait times.
Affordability and Support: AIGAS prioritizes making care affordable, and supporting families economically through the AIGAS Foundation.
Insurance Coverage: We work with various insurance companies, continually expanding our network to serve more families.
Tailored Therapy Plans: We understand that each family has unique needs. Our approach balances clinical recommendations with what works best for the child and their family.
Parent Involvement: We teach parents to carry over treatment plans at home, ensuring continuity and support even after graduation from therapy.

Choose AIGAS Children’s Therapy for ABA therapy that goes beyond treatment, focusing on unlocking the full potential of every child. Get started today on the journey to meaningful progress and lasting positive change.

Everything You Need to Know About ABA Therapy at AIGAS

The cost of ABA Therapy varies based on factors like insurance coverage, therapy hours, and location. At AIGAS we make sure cost to the recipients is minimum to none.
Absolutely! AIGAS stands out by not prioritizing profit like many private-equity-backed ABA companies. Instead, we focus on affordability and support. Our AIGAS Foundation annually aids economically struggling families with children with special needs. Families can apply for support quarterly.
We collaborate with a broad range of insurance companies and HMO networks. Our network is continually expanding, and you can find the current list of accepted insurance companies on our website.
The frequency of ABA therapy sessions depends on factors like your availability, preferences, clinical recommendations, and insurance approval. Our approach prioritizes meaningful outcomes while recognizing that these are kids with unique needs. We aim for a balanced and flexible approach that aligns with each family’s circumstances.